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Mockup of Cans with Golf Balls Falling Around Them

Michelob Ultra x Wilson Staff

Wilson Staff and Michelob Ultra are both recognizable and prestigious brands within their respective markets. Beyond sharing historic success, they also share similar values, such as promoting exciting and active lifestyles. In this concept, the best of both brands is on full display. Intended for the casual golfers in life who enjoy the more social aspects of the game, this bundle would include unique Wilson Staff golf balls featuring the coveted Michelob ribbon, along with several tees. The ball design was simplistic and minimalist to correlate with each brand’s identity of high-quality, high-performing products. The design of the packaging was made to resemble a case of beer, complete with cans inside to further highlight the community aspect of golf in which many people share fun experiences.
Mockup of Box, Front Facing
Mockup of Box
Mockup of Two Cans in Dynamic Pose
Mockup of Two Cans
Golf Ball with Design
Mockup of Campaign on Instagram